Dr. Ginny Rentko Named as Chief Veterinary Medical Officer of Animal Biosciences

BOSTONMay 20, 2019 — Life Biosciences Inc., the innovative biotech company that is pioneering research and development into eight pathways of aging, today announced that Dr. Ginny Rentko has been appointed to chief veterinary medical officer of Animal Biosciences Inc. Dr. Rentko provides clinical support and scientific expertise to Animal Biosciences—one of Life Biosciences’ Daughter companies—as it develops new compounds for veterinary use.

“Ginny’s background as a brilliant researcher and educator in the public and private sectors of animal health make her uniquely equipped to accelerate our research. We look forward to the contributions she will make to our research, and to developing veterinary partnerships,” said Doug Korn, chief executive officer of Animal Biosciences.

Prior to joining Animal Biosciences, Dr. Rentko served as medical director of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. During her 8 years at Cummings, Dr. Rentko led strategy, management and operations for small and large animal teaching hospitals. She directed the clinical efforts of veterinary professionals and focused on continuous improvement initiatives to achieve optimal evidence-based outcomes. Previously, she was also Vice President of preclinical research at Biopure Corporation where she developed a first-in-class veterinary therapeutic.

She holds a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Zoology from Ohio State University and a BA in Biology from Boston University.

About Animal Biosciences

Founded in late-2017 by leading scientists in longevity and executives in the pet care industry, Animal Biosciences focuses on disrupting the animal health market with therapeutics and supplements that promote animal longevity, increase health span and enhance productivity. As a member of the Life Biosciences family of companies, Animal Biosciences’ mission is to help companion animals live longer, healthier lives.

About Life Biosciences

Founded in 2017, by world-renowned scientists and Tristan Edwards, Life Biosciences is addressing the eight pathways of age-related decline (ARD) as a systemic breakdown of the body, not a series of isolated symptoms and conditions. It has established Daughter companies around the world to independently and collaboratively tackle these pathways through pioneering research and product development. Life Biosciences provides Daughter companies with the full resources of Life Lua’s data and communications platform and LifeLab, its 24,000- square-foot, state-of-the-art research facility that includes a vivarium, robotics, and drug screening capabilities. Life Biosciences seeks to increase healthspans for everyone, including companion animals.

For more information on Life Biosciences, please visit www.lifebiosciences.com.

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