Aging is a multi-faceted problem requiring solutions from a diverse set of companies.

Spotlight Biosciences, Inc.  |  Boston

Using proprietary technologies, Spotlight has developed a platform that enables the identification and quantification of thousands of novel peptides, some of which have unique biology relevant to treating human diseases and aging. Drs. David Sinclair and Bogdan Budnik co-founded the company out of Harvard Medical School.

Aging Component: Altered Communication & Inflammation

We have identified thousands of novel genes in the human genome, each one could be a new hormone or medicine to treat aging and age-related diseases.

Jumpstart Fertility, Inc.  |  Boston; Sydney

During aging, the process by which “spindles” attach to and pull chromosomes apart can go awry. When this happens, egg cells can have an uneven number of chromosomes, a common cause of infertility.  Co-founders Drs. Lindsay Wu and Hayden Homer are developing the world’s first drug to improve egg cell quality and restore fertility in women of advancing age or who have experienced premature infertility. The benefits of these molecules may go well beyond reversing aging in the egg.

Aging Component: Chromosomal Instability

Focused on how to prevent DNA damage and reverse aging in the ovary, potentially restoring a woman's ability to produce healthy, viable eggs.

Aging Component: Epigenetic Alterations

Developing medicines that restore a more youthful "epigenome" to improve egg cell quality in the female reproductive system to reverse infertility.

Senolytic Therapeutics, Inc.  |  Boston; Barcelona  |  Website

Senolytic Therapeutics is developing new compounds that specifically target old, senescent cells for destruction.  Using proprietary strategies to target senescent cells, co-founders Drs. Manuel Serrano and Marc Ramis Castelltort, are advancing therapies to treat biological aging and associated diseases.

Aging Component: Cellular Senescence

Developing unique approaches to kill off "zombie" or senescent cells in the body, which are believed to underlie the aging process.

Aging Component: Stem Cell Exhaustion

Developing ways to remove senescent cells and allow stem cells to expand and renew tissues.

Selphagy Therapeutics, Inc.  |  Boston; New York

Autophagy is the process by which young cells recycle “junk”. Selphagy is developing the first drugs that restore autophagy during old age and in rare diseases where it may not function properly – so-called “lysosomal storage diseases”. Co-founded by Drs. Ana Maria Cuervo and Evris Gavathiotis,  Selphagy has identified new chemical entities with a molecular target to activate autophagy.

Aging Component: Loss of Proteostasis

Developing ways to boost the body's ability to remove damaged and misfolded proteins that are believed to cause aging. The technology has applications in treating vision loss, Alzheimer's and rare genetic diseases.

Continuum Biosciences, Inc.  |  Blacksburg, VA; Sydney

Scientists from Continuum have discovered self-limiting uncouplers that are highly specific to mitochondria.  Co-founders Drs. Kyle Hoehn and Webster Santos are working with their team to fine-tune the effectiveness of their compounds to address obesity, diabetes, liver disease and other secondary conditions.

Aging Component: Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Developing new molecules that restore the metabolic engine of the aged cell, thereby reducing damage from free-radicals.

Aging Component: Metabolism

Taking a fresh look at metabolic diseases. By forcing the cell to use more nutrients to produce the same amount of energy, they can induce fat loss and potentially treat metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Animal Biosciences Co.  |  Boston

By developing new compounds for veterinary use and advancing technologies to monitor physical activity and behavior, Animal Biosciences is developing the first proven treatments to prolong youth and extend the lifespan of companion animals.

Aging Component: All 8

Working to address the well-being of companion animals as they age, improving their health and longevity.