A Look into Our Life

Our mission

To create a future where age-related decline is not a fact of life. We will accomplish this by changing the scientific paradigm, by making medicines affordable, and by changing the culture around aging. We seek to make life longer and better.

The Life Biosciences Story

The only way to address the complexity of aging is by tackling each of the eight pathways that limit longevity and reduce healthspans.

We have modeled our business accordingly by setting up individual Daughter companies to conduct their research independently and collaboratively. This itself is unprecedented. We are the leading company devoted to developing medicines for aging in its entirety. Each Daughter company was founded by the world’s leading scientists who work on the cutting-edge of aging research. Life Biosciences provides the capital, centralized management infrastructure and resources—and acts as a catalyst for ideas, insights and knowledge transfer.

Life Biosciences works to optimize the research of each Daughter company that enables Life Biosciences to derive critical data and insight across the organization. This model allows for rapid data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enable faster commercialization.

Life Biosciences was co-founded in 2017 by David A. Sinclair, PhD, AO, a professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and Tristan Edwards, an investment professional who developed its innovative company structure.

The Stakes Could Not Be Higher

Millions of lives are being ended before their time. Productivity, joy and fulfillment are being cut short. The U.S. alone would save $4 trillion if people extended their healthspans and compressed the march of decline.

Life Expectancy

Our goal is to increase life expectancy and make your extra years happier and healthier.

Symptoms of Aging

All age-related diseases are symptoms of aging, currently treated one by one. A true longevity medicine will treat the causes of aging, thereby treating all age-related diseases simultaneously.


Costs of Living Longer

The U.S. can save $4 trillion if people live longer, healthier lives.

Study by Dana Goldman et al, ‘Costs of Aging’, Health Affairs 2013