our mission

To improve and extend lives by treating aging as a disease and unleashing untapped human potential around the world. We empower scientists to develop drugs and treatments that promote longer, healthier lives.

our core values

Everyone is entitled to treatments and therapies that improve their quality of life.

Accessibility to the drugs and treatments we develop is key to progress — regardless of age, race, creed, nationality or economic standing.

Transparency and generosity are the cornerstones of our scientific and social responsibility.

Patient-centric outcomes will always come first.

Economic and environmental sustainability must be consistent with any technologies we develop.

redefining aging

We have discovered new molecular pathways that control the pace of aging. This contradicts the idea that certain illnesses come inevitably at advanced ages. Shortening the duration of age-related illnesses will add healthy years to our lives.


Life Expectancy

Our goal is to increase life expectancy and make your extra years happier and healthier.

life expectancy infographic

Symptoms of Aging

All age-related diseases are symptoms of aging, currently treated one by one.
A true longevity medicine will treat the causes of aging, thereby treating all age-related diseases simultaneously.

Costs of Living Longer

The U.S. can save $4 trillion if people live longer, healthier lives.

Costs of Aging infographic

Study by Dana Goldman et al, ‘Costs of Aging’, Health Affairs 2013